Morocco is the world's leading exporter of canned sardines

Morocco is the world’s leading exporter of canned sardines and due to their importance in terms of catch, accounting for 64% of the total, this species has a very important place in the activities of the Moroccan marine fishing sector.

According to Foodex, the country is the world’s leading exporter of canned sardines, with shipments of 152,137 tons in 2022, valued at over 500 million euros.

The economic importance of the sardine fishery in Morocco is not limited to catching, but also extends to processing, canning, freezing and selling fresh fish, so it also plays an important role in the growth of Moroccan seafood exports.

Fish products in fresh, frozen or processed form are exported to almost all continents, mainly to the European continent. Diversification of export markets is one of the major challenges for the sector, along with the promotion of fish products and innovation.