Start of 2023 turned out to be successful for Ecuadorian banana growers

In the first month of this year, 35.01 million boxes of bananas were exported, which is 7.98% more than in the same period last year.
24.03.2023 [More]

Morocco is the world's leading exporter of canned sardines

The economic importance of the sardine fishery in Morocco is not limited to catching, but also extends to processing, canning, freezing and selling fresh fish.
15.02.2023 [More]

Coffee, tangerines, nuts and grapes passed the control

More than 950 tons of vegetables and fruits came from Armenia, including 309 tons of grapes, 296 tons of apples, 117.5 tons of tomatoes, 100 tons of coffee, more than 48 tons of dried fruits. In addition, 402.329 thousand items were imported from Armenia. cut flowers. About 1.5 thousand tons of tangerines, apples, nuts, bay leaves, coffee and greens were imported from Georgia.
18.01.2023 [More]

Sugar beet harvest did not disappoint

The sugar beet harvest in the Lipetsk region exceeded 3 million tons. All 6 sugar factories in the region are provided with raw materials. To date, 2.5 million tons of sweet roots have been processed there. More than 345 thousand tons of sugar have already been obtained from the beets of the new crop.
09.11.2022 [More]

Potato topped the top of the most popular export agricultural products from Egypt

Egypt’s potato exports hit a record high.
11.09.2022 [More]

Strawberries, rhubarb, chanterelles and honeysuckle: What to buy on the market in July

Berries, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables - we figure out what to look for at the height of summer and what seasonal products can be found on the shelves in July.
03.07.2022 [More]

Why are Turkish tulips valued?

In the Turkish province of Konya, tulip exports have grown. Since the beginning of the season, over 25 million of these plants have been sold abroad. Export is carried out to 12 countries of the world. At the same time, 80% of tulips grown in Konya are sold domestically. A total of 40 different varieties of tulips are grown in the province.
12.05.2022 [More]

Scientists have created a blue chrysanthemum

Many florists engaged in drawing up bouquets or decorating flowerbeds dream of blue carnations, roses and chrysanthemums.
28.02.2022 [More]