Strawberries, rhubarb, chanterelles and honeysuckle: What to buy on the market in July

Berries, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables - we figure out what to look for at the height of summer and what seasonal products can be found on the shelves in July.

Incredibly popular with us is Rhubarb. Culinary enthusiasts and lovers line up - this is the perfect ingredient for a summer cake. Rhubarb goes well with strawberries.

We have already started selling HONEY. Berries have a spicy taste, can be sweet or sour-sweet, with or without bitterness, depending on the variety.

This year we are pleased with the Melon "Farmer". We began to receive it from mid-June - the perfect size, fragrant, juicy, sweet, like in August at sea.

We promised that in July there will be sweet and juicy APRICOTS - we waited for them. We bring by plane from Armenia along with KOTEM salad. It has succulent leaves with a light bitterness.

July is a berry month. STRAWBERRY with its enchanting aroma - small delicate berries, carefully collected by hand. Tender than Raspberries, we have not tried it yet, we recommend eating it more often until it is over. BLUEBERRY seems to have reached its maximum size: large, elastic berries burst in the mouth. BLACKBERRY also appeared.

BLACK currant is already sweet and fragrant, red with acidity for now. But ideal for baking, you can decorate a cheesecake or roll to bring down the sweetness. With the gooseberry, we advise you to wait a week or two for sure. It is large, but very sour.

PEACHES we advise buying flat. They have a more delicate flesh with a touch of fig. It is more difficult with nectarines - there is white nectarine, juicy nectarine (red) and white from the Ferghana Valley. The latter is our favorite at the moment.

Summer is rich in TOMATOES - we put the main emphasis on the “bull heart”. Perhaps the most fleshy variety of tomatoes. It is indecently tasty, aromatic and large. Literally today they received almost black tomatoes with the intriguing name "black panther", a product that is rare, but incredibly tasty. Another of the new products of this month are “kumato” tomatoes with fruity notes and “orange elephant” tomatoes.

Lovers of mushrooms can please CHRISTMAS. They are still expensive and small, but if you really want to, then you can.