Transport services

Our company guarantees competent transportation logistics, optimizing time and money costs, ensures timely deliveries. Increased attention is paid to the choice of vehicle and route, ensuring the safety of cargo.

Transport service - delivery of goods from one point to another, performance of work to ensure optimal logistics. Transport services include: transportation of products, loading and unloading operations, forwarding, storage. Logistics tasks include: analysis of intermediate and final destinations; analysis of the product (its characteristics, composition, features); vehicle selection; selection of a carrier by profile; route development; monitoring the condition and ensuring the safety of cargo; warehouse operations (packaging, packaging, etc.); optimization of fuel costs, time and total costs. Types of transport services are evaluated by the speed of implementation, safety, cost, and related activities. The following categories are distinguished: the main ones - transportation of products; related - unloading, loading, reloading, cross-docking, responsible or temporary storage in a warehouse, warehouse operations, forwarding and other works; additional - information, insurance, marketing, other activities related to the movement of goods. We organize the following types of cargo transportation by type of transport: sea, road, rail, air transportation.

We offer you our transport services, we will deliver your cargo to its destination. We also carry out the delivery of groupage cargo to certain types of transport, transportation in all regions of the Russian Federation. We also provide warehousing and storage services.