Scientists have created a blue chrysanthemum

Japanese genetics from the Center for Food and Agricultural Research for the first time in history were able to create a blue chrysanthemum by genetic engineering. In the flower of pink and red, scientists introduced additional genes and received a unique specimen.

Many florists engaged in making bouquets or decorating flowerbeds dream of blue carnations, roses and chrysanthemums that do not exist in nature because of the absence of a gene responsible for the blue pigment.

Japanese biologists, under the leadership of Naonobu Noda, transferred the anthocyanin gene of the blue bell into red chrysanthemums and received a bright purple-blue color. Another gene responsible for the blue, experts identified at the clinic and introduced into flowers, obtaining genetically modified chrysanthemums of different shades - from pale blue to rich blue. Now scientists are studying a unique variety of colors for improving the species to enhance its resistance to the external environment.